Homeless Mother of Fifteen Jailed for Contempt for Refusing To Confirm or Deny to the Judge Presiding Over Her Children’s Case Whether She is Pregnant Again

A thirty-seven year old Florida woman has given birth to fifteen children.

A sixteenth may be on the way.

The woman refused to say.

Even though the person asking was the judge presiding over her juvenile dependency case.

The woman is homeless and has twelve minor children returned to foster care.

The youngest child is 6 months old.

The judge held the woman in contempt of court over her refusal to answer questions about her possible pregnancy and visitors to her former home, at a status check in her case.

The woman cited privacy concerns.

The judge cited concerns about the children’s welfare, and sentenced the woman to jail.

Given the woman’s track record as a parent, the state will oppose any further efforts to reunite the woman with her children.

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