Husband Allegedly Murders Wife Over UK 200,000 Pounds Dispute in Amount to Settle Divorce

UK Husband owns roughly 300 acre farm.

Husband and Wife have stormy marriage.

Wife tells friends that Husband is violent with her.

Husband also reportedly threatens Wife

Wife e-mails one friend that Husband claims to have associates “who could get rid of bodies”.

Husband reportedly has affair.

Wife discusses divorce (in 2007).

Husband offers Wife a settlement of UK 600,000 pounds.

Wife, however, rejects that offer, holding out for UK 800,000 pounds.

Shortly after, Wife goes missing, never to be seen or heard from again, dead or alive.

Husband allegedly does not report Wife as missing for five whole days.

Husband is charged with murder.

Husband’s guilt or innocence is now up to the jury.