Israeli Grandmother Instigates Grandson’s Divorce From Her Grave

Everyone knows some parent (or grandparent) of an adult child who just doesn’t like their child’s chosen spouse.

The reasons vary – and sometimes there really is no actual reason.

In most instances, the parent (or grandparent) has no choice but to “get over it”.

But that doesn’t necessarily stop them from trying to interfere or control – even from the grave.

And so it is with a wealthy Israeli Grandmother dissatisfied with her Grandson’s choice of Wife.

Both Mother and Grandmother have had no relationship with Grandson since his marriage ten years ago.

In her will, the Grandmother leaves her fortune to Grandson and her other grandson, but Grandson can’t collect his inheritance … until he divorces Wife (or Wife dies).

(There are a couple of stated exceptions, but they apparently don’t apply here.)

Now Grandson intends to challenge the will.

Similar provisions in wills have been struck down in some US states on the grounds that it is against public policy to instigate divorce.

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