Israeli Rabbinical Court Rationalizes Compassionate Ruling Granting Wife Divorce From Husband in Coma for Seven Years and Counting

Religious Jewish Husband and Wife are happily married.

Husband is involved in motorcycle accident and left comatose … for seven years … with no real hope of recovery.

Wife lives in limbo. Wife seeks divorce.

Problem is, under strict interpretation of Jewish law, the husband must be the spouse to seek – or agree to – any divorce.

Luckily for Wife, the Israeli rabbinical court is sympathetic to her circumstances and, after due analysis and consideration, concludes that, based on the Torah, Husband would want to release Wife from the marriage because Husband would know he is not fulfilling his marital obligations.

Important rabbis in Israel have unequivocally condemned the ruling though. But Wife, through her attorney, has requested that they reconsider.

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