Jeweler Confesses to Killing Mother of His Children in Midst of Their Divorce

Affluent suburban New York couple appear to have it all. Husband owns a high end jewelry store.

Wife is a nutritionist in suburban schools. Married 18 years, the couple have a 12 year old daughter and a 14 year old boy.

Then something changes. The couple is getting a divorce.

And then Wife disappears. Nearly a month goes by, without a word from her, yet no sign of a body or injury.

The Husband comes under immediate suspicion of police. And, before long, of neighbors.

Finally, the Husband reportedly confesses. Husband is charged with murder.

The couple’s two children have been taken into child protective custody.

Read more about this case, and the sidebar recalling several other recent domestic violence murders in the region, in this [Lower Hudson Valley, NY] Journal News article – Cops: Cortlandt husband admits killing missing wife.