Jilted Adulteress Sues for Payment for Her Professional Services When Boyfriend Nixes His Divorce

Eighty-eight year old Husband and seventy-seven year old Wife have a less than perfect marriage.

It seems Husband has been stepping out on Wife, with more than one other woman, in fact.

Husband is a retired, successful advertising executive, who sold his agency for big bucks. Girlfriend is a retired fundraiser.

Girlfriend has been assisting Husband with promoting his autobiography, among other tasks. Ironically, Girlfriend also assisted Husband with shutting down a former mistress … who threatened Husband with a $3 million lawsuit which would have brought her to Wife’s attention.

Finally, Girlfriend went to work on “helping” Husband divorce Wife. Which is when she learned that Husband wasn’t having any of it.

Cast aside, Girlfriend in turn has sued Husband for $2 million, the value she assigns to the professional services she rendered to Husband. She alleges that Husband promised to pay her for her efforts.

Just to be clear, Girlfriend obviously knows full well that a court cannot enforce a contract for services of a, uh, … nonbusiness / nonprofessional nature.

Nor will a court enforce or compensate anyone for a breach of a promise to divorce.

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