Man Divorces Wife Because of Her Looks … Which He Never Saw in Advance

According to a website which appears to be published by Arabs living in the Arab world:

Groom, an Arab ambassador in the United Arab Emirates, enters a contract for marriage with Bride, a physician, without ever gazing directly upon her countenance (apparently because it is always partially concealed behind her veil).

Bride’s Mother reportedly shows Groom photographs that are supposed to be of Bride, but which are really of Bride’s sister.

When Groom finally sees Bride without her veil, after signing the marriage contract, Bride allegedly is cross-eyed and has a beard.

Groom is not happy.

Groom cancels wedding and files for divorce.

Groom also asks Bride to reimburse his expenditures on gifts of jewelry and clothes for Bride.

This may be an example of a situation where the permissible grounds for divorce may have great significance.

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