More Than One Child? More Than One Father … Twenty-Eight Percent of the Time

A new University of Michigan study concludes that twenty-eight percent of American mothers with two or more children have them with different fathers.

The study has 4000 women as participants.

The study also reports a substantial variance based on ethnicity, with:

  • African American mothers at fifty-nine percent

  • Hispancics at thirty-five percent and

  • caucasians twenty-two percent

Factors making it more likely that children in a family would have different fathers include:

  1. not living with a man at the time of birth

  2. low income

  3. limited education

Despite that, multiple fathers for multiple children in a family is pervasive at all income and educational levels.

Further, the phenomenon is more common among divorcees than single mothers.

The study has not yet been published and peer-reviewed.

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