Woman’s Seventeen Year Pursuit of Alimony Finally Culminates in an Order for Spousal Support Upheld on Appeal

It can be frustrating – and worse – waiting for – or trying to enforce – past due alimony (also known as spousal support) (or, for that matter, child support) obligations. Especially when months turn into years.

Well, a woman in India waited nearly thirty years. Not to collect her alimony, mind you.

Just to get her court order for spousal support.

It seems she was divorced in 1983. And, for whatever reason, failed to seek alimony or child support in the original divorce proceedings.

Then, years later, in 1995, she petitioned the Indian family court to award her alimony and spousal support.

It is unclear whether her original divorce proceedings reserved on the issue of alimony for some reason or addressed the issue of spousal support in any way at all.

The woman apparently took the position in her 1995 family court filing that she hadn’t known of her legal right to alimony and spousal support at the time of her original divorce.

Indian law, however, apparently allows for new alimony claims to be filed after the original divorce is concluded, provided the spouse filing the claim has not yet remarried.

But the woman’s spousal support claim took seventeen years to “process” through the Indian family court. Seventeen.

(Which undoubtedly makes most of us feel much better about the speed and efficiency of our courts here in Florida and throughout the US.)

But, although it took nearly forever, the Indian court did eventually reward the woman with both a court order for alimony and a court order for child support. (Their child has, of course, since become a legal adult.)

Needless to say, the woman’s ex-husband appealed the Indian family court’s alimony and child support rulings.

But the Indian appellate court upheld the lower court’s spousal support and child support awards to the woman.

It is unknown whether the woman’s ex-husband has been complying with his court-ordered support obligations pending the outcome of his appeal. He reportedly operates his own (likely cash) business … and so does his current spouse.

But the woman is certainly making progress.

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