Mother Convicted and Sentenced in Death of Her Baby … Although Mother Blames Her Toddler

Two month old Baby dies in Pennsylvania in 2003. Authorities investigate.

Mother blames Baby’s death on Mother’s 2 year old Daughter throwing Baby out of a swing.

Mother and her family return to their home state of Alabama.

Where, more than a dozen years after Baby’s death, Mother is finally arrested for murder and child endangerment.

At Mother’s trial, three medical experts reject Mother’s explanation of the circumstances of Baby’s death, stating that Baby’s injuries are not consistent with a fall from a swing.

The prosecution asserts Baby’s injuries are more consistent with Baby’s head being banged on furniture.

Mother continues to blame Daughter.

Mother is convicted.

Pennsylvania criminal court judge sentences Mother to maximum sentence of 15 to 30 years, at least in part because Mother assigned the blame to Daughter.