Mother Loses Custody of Her Three Surviving Children After Two of Her Children, Home Alone, Kill a Fourth

Single Texas Mother has four Children, all under the age of five years.

Mother lives with Boyfriend. Boyfriend is the father of some of Mother’s Children, but her Ex is the father of others.

Mother and Boyfriend put Children to bed and then go out for pizza and to visit Boyfriend’s brother. They leave Children home alone.

While Mother and Boyfriend are out, two of the Children, both three years old, collaborate to lock another of the Children, Baby, nineteen months old, into their oven … and turn the oven on.

Baby dies before Mother and Boyfriend return home.

Boyfriend was not Baby’s father. Ex does not know whether he was Baby’s biological father.

Mother and Boyfriend are both arrested on four counts of endangering a child. Additional charges may follow as the investigation progresses.

The Texas child welfare agency has taken the three surviving Children into child protective custody.

Ex expresses interest in obtaining custody of the two Children he knows are his. Ex states that he had been unable to reach Mother for months.

Mother is pregnant with a fifth child.


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