New York Flirts with No Fault Divorce

New York is the last bastion of fault. In divorce law, that is.

New York is the lone US state that has yet to adopt “no fault” divorce, such as we have here in Florida.

But New York’s law may finally be poised on the cusp of change.

One chamber of the state legislature has passed a “no fault” bill.

All that remains is for the other chamber to follow through with it.

Current law in New York dooms divorce to be nasty or drawn out – and sometimes both. Impatient couples are pushed into perjury.

Now there is relatively widespread anticipation that “no fault divorce” will finally take in New York.

Concurrently with the proposed no fault legislation, other bills are being introduced to pave the way for less financially able spouses to receive court-ordered awards of attorney’s fees earlier in the case as well as temporary support awards, which will be calculated based on a newly established formula.

Both companion bills would help needy spouses both before and after filing of divorce cases.

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