Out of the Ordinary Divorce, Extraordinary Legal Fees

Wealthy elderly Husband, a Malaysian national living in the UK with his Wife, are in the middle of a divorce in the UK.

Husband and Wife have amassed a fortune worth roughly 440 million pounds.

UK family court has ordered Husband to pay Wife roughly US $75,000 per month in spousal support and alimony.

But Husband allegedly does not pay. At all.

Instead, absenting himself from the UK. And seeking to have the divorce case transferred to Malaysia. On grounds unknown.

While past due spousal support has reportedly risen to 440,000 pounds.

At the same time, since the most recent spousal support order was entered, Husband’s stock portfolio has reportedly appreciated by 20 million pounds.

The presiding divorce court judge is not happy with Husband’s conduct – nor with the outrageously high 3 million pounds of legal fees and costs in this case so far. The judge finds himself in the unusual position (for a judge) of attempting to contain the spouses’ legal expenses.

For his part, Husband is apparently now objecting to what may be characterized as excesses, such as Wife’s 1,000 pairs of shoes. But it is not clear that Husband objected prior to the divorce.

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