Parental Alienation Syndrome: Fact or Fiction?

Parental alienation syndrome.

There is a surprisingly, even alarmingly, wide and sharp divergence of opinion about the validity of this so-called syndrome, one which is not presently recognized by any reputable national association of psychiatrists or psychologists.

Yet it has become an almost-trendy catchphrase, increasingly bandied about in child custody cases.

Sometimes, virtually determining the outcome of such cases.

Too often, brandished all too successfully by none other than … abusers of children.

Sometimes, all but stripping the non-abusive, protective parent of any contact with the children – or restricting the the non-abusive, protective parent to supervised contact.

In other words, sentencing the children to almost continuous control and abuse by the falsely accusing parent. And punishing the non-abusive parent for trying to protect the children.

Usually based on uncorroborated allegations.

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