Previously Pregnant Man Pleads Guilty to Disorderly Conduct Toward Now Ex-Wife

Husband and Wife divorce.

During divorce, Wife accuses Husband of stalking her.

Husband initially pleads not guilty to the charge.

Then Wife finds a GPS under her car.

Following police interrogation, Husband concedes that he placed the GPS there.

Why not? Husband reportedly believes he was within his “rights” because he owned the car jointly with Wife and Wife allegedly threatened to abscond with their children.

Whom, by the way, Husband gave birth to.

Husband is transgender, with his female reproductive organs intact. Wife cannot get pregnant.

Practical solution: artificial insemination of Husband.

And so Husband becomes pregnant man … with great notoriety.

Husband and Wife’s divorce took over three years. Because, when they divorce was filed, Arizona did not recognize same sex marriage or divorce divorce.

As for the criminal charge against him, Husband reconsiders and pleads guilty to disorderly conduct.

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