Is Quickie Divorce Swift Justice?

How long does a divorce trial take? Well, generally it depends on the issues and evidence involved in the case.

But maybe not everywhere.

In Nevada, a 2004 divorce trial, requiring division of substantial business and investment properties, was concluded in just 16 minutes! Now that’s efficient.

Too efficient, the Nevada Supreme Court concluded, as it reversed and remanded for a new trial.

The trial court entered a ruling on an unusual property division, involving not only the spouses but also a spouse’s sibling – without any sworn testimony (and minimal if any other evidence) to base the ruling on.

And after first taking some time to hear and deny a request for a postponement based on the fact that two of the three interested parties barely spoke English and didn’t have attorneys – or even neutral, credentialed translators.

Read more in this Las Vegas Review Journal article: Supreme Court throws out property settlement in divorce.

But read fast – or it may take longer than the trial did.