Remember To Collect Your Spousal Social Security Benefits …

Social security benefits by virtue of marriage are an endless source of confusion and are also too often a well-kept secret, or so it may seem. So it bears repeating some key points.

  1. There is no requirement that the recipient satisfy Social Security’s work credit requirements to collect spousal social security benefits.
  2. Spousal benefits are calculated as though the worker-spouse continued working long enough to max out their social security benefits – even if the worker-spouse didn’t.
  3. Spouses seeking spousal benefits should apply as soon as they reach full retirement age. Their benefits will not increase by waiting longer.
  4. Federal employees who receive government pensions don’t pay into the Social Security system and their social security benefits are reduced, possibly to nothing. The same is true for spousal benefits.
  5. If a couple has been married for at least ten years, they are eligible for spousal social security benefit – even if the worker spouse has remarried.

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