The Internet Levels the Playing Field: Now Women Are Almost As Likely as Men to Be Stalkers

Statistically, women are far more likely to be victims of domestic violence, including stalking, than men are, and men are far more likely to be perpetrators of domestic violence than women are.

According to a study, only eight percent of victims of harassment are men. And women are seldom stalkers.

That’s on terra firma. But things may be changing in the internet era.

A study conducted in the UK concludes that over one-third of victims of stalking via the internet, known as cyber-stalking, are men … and their cyber-stalkers are all women.

The study suggests that women these days are having greater difficulty recovering from rejection … or that perhaps the internet makes it easier and safer for women to engage in stalking behaviors … with anonymity or the appearance of anonymity, or assumed personas and identities.

The study reports that women perpetrate stalking on the internet by leaving messages on victims’ social networking web pages and through e-mails, and by communicating with victims via phony accounts and identities.

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