Toddler Returned to Mother Who Shares Photographs of Him Duct Taped to Wall

Seventeen year old Nebraska Mother has an eighteen month old Toddler.

Mother, reportedly an admitted drug user, and her Boyfriend are allegedly intoxicated.

Mother and Boyfriend allegedly duct tape Toddler to a wall, with his hands trapped behind his back.

A “sippie cup” is also taped to the wall … beyond Toddler’s reach. His fingers are bound together as well.

Mother and Boyfriend take pictures of Toddler taped to the wall.

And show / send the pictures to various friends and family members.

Who notify authorities.

Mother and Boyfriend are arrested.

Mother is sentenced to ten days’ incarceration. She is also placed on two years’ probation.

Boyfriend is sentenced to three to five years’ confinement for child abuse. He is also sentenced to additional time … on unrelated felony charges.

Child welfare / health agencies will monitor the situation on an ongoing basis.

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