Uncontested Divorce Finalized Between Banker and Occupy Wall Street Protester

Every divorce is unique.

Take Florida Banker Husband and Wife. Husband and Wife have been married nearly 20 years, and they’ve had four Children together.

And then the Occupy Wall Street movement strikes a chord in Wife.

And Wife leaves Husband and Children behind in Florida, for New York City and the movement. Wife becomes a full-time volunteer “protester” in New York.

That was about a year ago. So Husband files for divorce.

It’s all very amicable though.

Although Wife apparently has not asked for any, Wife may have done herself out of alimony by acknowledging her expansive resume as “midwives assistant, roller-derby queen, rock star musician, activist, dreadlock princess, African-beekeeper, and organic vegan freak”.

Husband “gets” the home – and the kids. Wife walks away with roughly $85K as her share of the property division.

Their parenting plan allows Wife to visit their Children whenever she wants to – provided that “they want to see her” and that the visits take place in a “safe environment”.

An unusual provision in a settlement agreement. Not recommended, for more reasons than one. But that is another post.

Might either spouse have fared better by contesting their Florida divorce court case in a Florida family court?

It is quite possible that each spouse may “done better” on different aspects of their divorce by contesting their divorce court case in a Florida family court.

But, this way, each spouse has an inexpensive, quick uncontested divorce and, presumably, leaves the marriage with what is most important to them and with minimal angst.

Some people would consider that an enviable outcome.

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