Unusual Paternity Case Awards Mother’s Brother Temporary Custody of Young Boy

Denver Mother and Father have Son together.

Mother and Father are both immigrants to the US from Mexico … only Mother is not here legally.

When Son is just six months old, Mother flees to Mexico and Father is unable to locate Son.

Eventually, Father gives up and returns here and moves on with his life.

Eight years later, Father’s Wife sees Son, who strongly resembles Father, on Facebook …at a Denver area school.

It turns out that Son is back in Denver, having lived for several months with Uncle.

Father goes to Uncle’s home and takes Son home with him.

After that, Uncle files for custody of Son … and is awarded temporary custody, with supervised visitation awarded to Father.

A bit unusual for the typical paternity case, but then Son hasn’t seen Father since he was an infant … and Father previously served a couple of years in prison for accessory to attempted murder.

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