Surrogate Mother Seeks Custody of Triplets She Gave Birth To

Biological Father in Georgia hires Surrogate Mother in California to carry a baby (or babies?) throughout pregnancy.

At some point during the pregnancy, Father learns that Surrogate is actually carrying triplets.

This apparently is at least one more than Father bargained for.

According to Surrogate, Father requests that Surrogate abort one of the fetuses, allegedly because he cannot afford a third child.

Surrogate refuses.

And because of Father’s request, Surrogate reportedly believes Father cannot and will not care for third child and wants to care for that child herself.

A temporary stay there initially kept the Triplets in California, but that stay was lifted and all three Triplets were released to Father’s care and returned to Georgia to live there with Father.

Both state and federal courts in California declined to strike down California’s surrogacy laws as unconstitutional, as requested by Surrogate.

Father, who is reportedly fifty years old, is being assisted by relatives and paid caregivers.

He is reportedly on the radar of Georgia’s child welfare agency.

Surrogate insists she has not given up her child custody case.