Divorced with Two Kids … and One Home

Husband and Wife have Children together.

Husband and Wife divorce.

Husband and Wife do NOT argue about what happens to the marital residence.

Because …

The Children still live in the residence.

With whom?

Wife. And Husband. Just probably not Husband and Wife at the same time, or together.

Instead of the Children packing their overnight bags and traveling from Wife’s place to Husband’s place and back and forth, over and over again …

The Children stay put in their home (the marital residence). And Husband and Wife each travel with their overnight bags between the marital residence and their respective new residences.

Less disruption for the Children. That’s certainly good.

But more contact and, therefore, potentially, more conflict between Husband and Wife.

Still, birdnesting clearly does have its good points, and is worth considering.

It presupposes though that neither Husband or Wife is pressing for a third party sale or spousal buyout of the marital residence.

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