And Yet Another Reason to Get a Divorce

A spouse may seek a divorce for many different reasons. In states with no-fault divorce, like Florida, the reasons usually don’t matter to anyone other than the spouses, and are not likely to be specified in the legal case.

But the spouse seeking the divorce almost always feels compelled to furnish a reason to their divorce attorney. And most divorce attorneys hear a good many different reasons.

After a while, we get to think we have heard them all. And then, when we least expect it, we are surprised by a new one …

A 50 year old Saudi woman, married to the same man for thirty, count’em, thirty years, is seeking a divorce because her husband dared to … lift the veil off her face while she slept.

That violated the traditions of her native village, which require that women’s faces always be veiled in the presence of another – even their spouse.

Her husband’s apology reportedly could not undo the damage.

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