Whether $1 Billion Property Division Payment is Enough Depends on the Eyes of the Beholder

$975 million might seem like a lot of money, but … Well, yeah, any way you cut it, it really is a lot of money.

But when you drill down deep, it actually isn’t incredibly difficult to comprehend why Wife just sat for several days on a property division adjustment payment for $974,790,317.77.

Husband, an oil mogul, is worth a whole heck of a lot more and he accumulated most of it during their long-term marriage.

Both Husband and Wife have appeals pending in their Oklahoma divorce. Against the backdrop of sharply diminishing oil prices.

Interestingly, under Oklahoma law, wealth accumulation during a marriage that is not directly attributable to the active efforts of a spouse may be characterized as nonmarital property that need not be divided in a divorce. The forces of supply and demand, or inflation are passive rather than active..

Both of the preceding factors likely weighed heavily in Wife’s reluctant re-consideration and change of heart.

As it is, the couple has shelled out millions for their legal battle and Husband had previously paid Wife roughly $20 million toward their marital property division.

One can only hope that Wife, who actually worked in the couple’s oil business, can manage to get by on the award …

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