Wife Appeals Divorce Rulings Even As Husband Files Civil Suit to Compensate Him for Business Awarded to Him in Divorce But Allegedly Diverted to and for Wife

Tennessee Husband and Wife divorce.

Husband keeps marital business that sells wetsuits over the internet.

Wife goes to work with some competitors of Husband’s business during the divorce, if not sooner.

Husband’s business gradually fails.

Husband brings a federal civil lawsuit against Wife, two companies she works with and the principals of both companies.

The lawsuit alleges a conspiracy to steal Husband’s customers and business name.

The family court already found the elements of fact to support Husband’s allegations … and that Wife had lied under oath repeatedly.

Husband is pursuing compensation and punitive damages in the civil lawsuit.

In addition to the alimony and attorney’s fees Wife was ordered to pay Husband in the original divorce, and the marital assets awarded to Husband in the original divorce.

Wie is appealing the final judgment in her divorce from Husband.

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