Wife of Pro Athlete Asks for $36,000 in Monthly Child Support, and Alimony and Spousal Support

Husband and Wife have been married for approximately 3 years.

But separated for several months.

They have a two year old Toddler together.

Husband is a young professional athlete.

With the sort of contract income that goes along with that.

Husband files for divorce.

In her response, Wife asks for temporary alimony and spousal support, and child support.

In the amount of $36,000. Per month.

She and Toddler have expenses. Including a $5,000 per month credit card payment.

Speaking of which, Husband has allegedly removed Wife from her high limit credit card. Jeopardizing Wife and Toddler’s electric, water, gas, cable tv, landscaping, internet and pool service.

Therefore, Wife also asks the court to reinstate Wife as a user of the above-described credit card.

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