Wife Seeks Annulment On Grounds That Husband Has Prior Wife, Subsequent Wife, Secretly Converted to a Different Religion and Lied About the Reasons for His Absences from Home

Michigan Husband and Wife have two children together.

Husband is a podiatrist.

Husband works long hours and travels a good bit.

Wife is in counseling over marriage-related issues.

Wife’s therapist suggest that she do some “digging” on Husband, using the internet and phone records.

Wife agrees.

And is shocked by what she finds.

Husband was already married to another woman in another state when he married Wife. They were never legally divorced before his marriage to Wife.

Wife knows Husband as a Protestant.

Wife discovers Husband has secretly converted to the Muslim faith .. and adopted an Arabic name. Husband has also traveled to the Middle East twice on spiritual journeys.

Oh, and Husband married another woman subsequent to his marriage to her … in an Islamic wedding ceremony in Canada.

Husband’s position is that he thought he was divorced from his first wife when he married Wife, and that his third marriage was not formalized but only enacted to spare the bride from having to go through with an arranged marriage against her will.

Wife seeks an annulment.

And this is one of the relatively unusual grounds that would support an annulment in lieu of a divorce, at least under Florida’s law pertaining to annulment.

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