Billionaire’s Wife Attacks Prenup to Pursue $1 Million Per Month in Support

A billionaire Illinois Husband is divorcing his Wife, with whom he has three children.

Despite having entered a prenuptial agreement before their wedding in 2003, the couple’s divorce is very contentious.

Wife is seeking to have their prenup thrown out on grounds of coercion by Husband. Indeed, Wife’s assertions seem to fall just short of accusing Husband of domestic violence, through subtle references to a bedpost perhaps broken by Husband.

And Husband asserts that Wife is seeking an outrageous amount of support for herself … and trying to pass it off as child support.

Wife also alleges that Husband pressured her into closing her business so she could devote more time to her family, thereby cutting off her own independent income.

Husband counters that Wife’s businesses would have failed anyway but for his infusions of money into them … and that he “removed” the bedpost, as comic relief, during their heated negotiations.

Well, there is no disputing that there is an awful lot of money in dispute in this case.

Under their prenup, the Wife reportedly netted $25 million as a wedding gift, with another $1 million token of Husband’s affection each year.

But Wife now seeks $1 million per month, arguing that that is what it would take to maintain their children’s standard of living during the marriage. A billionaire’s standard of living.

Wife is also seeking permission to relocate their children from Chicago to New York … where it might cost a bit more to live the same lifestyle as in Chicago.

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