Brutal Child Abuse Case Exposed Upon Approach of National Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month

A local West Palm Beach Husband and Wife are under arrest on charges of child torture and cruelty, caging of a child and child neglect of the Wife’s three children, one of whom is also Husband’s. The children are 5, 9 and 10.

The eldest fled to a neighbor’s home after being “kicked out” after a beating, and the neighbor called the authorities.

The children reported that Husband and Wife beat them repeatedly with cables, belts and sticks, and also choked them until they became motionless. On at least one occasion, the youngest believed that the oldest was dead.

Upon medical examination, the children were found to have injuries consistent with their accounts.

The Court has ordered that Husband and Wife have no contact with the children, who are now in child protective custody.

April is national Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month.