Child Support Worker Confesses to Embezzling Substantial Child Support Funds Away from Agency and Waiting Parents

Nonpaying exes aren’t the only child support concern a custodial parent may have to face these days.

In the UK, a child support agency staffer, a single parent of a child of her own, allegedly took, advantage of her position to divert UK 150,000 pounds from the agency to a private account of her own via electronic transfer.

Presumably, the so-called agency funds were really, in effect, misappropriated from the other single parents counting on them, on whose behalf they were collected.

The accused embezzler reportedly did not face any special or unusual financial crisis motivating her actions. On the contrary, it appears that most of the funds usurped were applied to trivial, incidental expenses.

For which she will now be separated from her son for nearly two years while she is imprisoned for her confessed crime.

The electronic audit trail was apparently clearly “visible” for those with access to the child support agency’s processing system. One can only wonder what this mother was thinking.

It is not reported who will look after her son while she is confined…

The embezzlement is not without precedent.

Such occurrences, however rare, don’t encourage parents with child support obligations to live up to them.