Very Wealthy Brit Very Timely Slides into Bankruptcy and Presumably Poverty from Beginning to Near-End of His Divorce Case, Allegedly Avoiding Paying Any Support for Three Years and Counting

Husband has 400 million UK pounds.

Husband goes through divorce.

Husband is ordered to pay alimony and child support.

Husband allegedly pays Wife nothing.

Husband allegedly fails to make full disclosure of his financial affairs … over three years of litigation.

Husband reportedly owes 2 million UK pounds in taxes.

Husband files for bankruptcy.

Husband now shows up in family court without attorneys to represent him.

Wife contends that Husband has cleverly hidden his assets.

Wife informs the UK Court that she is close to the end of her resources yet must pay the couple’s children’s tuition, rescue their home from foreclosure, and pay her attorney’s past due fees or risk loss of counsel.

Court defers on Wife’s pleas for assistance, but advises Wife that she may pursue these issues at trial … next month.

The silver lining for Wife may be that the bankruptcy trustee may “peel back the onion” of Husband’s financial affairs, and Wife may benefit from that investigation at no further cost to herself.

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