Mentally Ill Teenaged Son Allegedly Assaults Pregnant Sister, and Law Enforcement Officers Reportedly … Refuse to Assist in Any Way

Missouri Father has an adult pregnant Daughter.

Father also has a teenaged Son who, apparently, joined the family from foster care.

Son suffers from mental illness and, at times, allegedly is very aggressive.

Son presently lives in a group home equipped to provide appropriate services to meet Son’s special needs.

This arrangement is likely court-ordered through either a juvenile dependency case or a juvenile delinquency case or related cases of both types, as a result of Son’s alleged prior assault on Father.

Son is released to Father for the Thanksgiving holiday. Father and Son go to Daughter’s home for the holiday.

Over the visit, Son reportedly becomes enraged and allegedly assaults Daughter.

Upon arrival of other family members, who assist in restraining Son, Father calls Son’s Therapist.

Therapist advises Father to call the police.

Father calls the police.

The police arrive …

And ask Son whether Son wants to leave for a psychiatric facility.

Son indicates that he does not.

The police advise Father that they cannot take Son to a psychiatric facility against his will.

Father then requests, as an alternative, that they arrest Son and take him to juvenile detention.

The police advise Father that they cannot arrest Son because he is a minor.

One of the officers on the scene is a supervisor.

The officers suggest that Father take Son home with him, away from Daughter.

Father arranges for a family member to return Son to his group home.

Read more in this Kansas City [MO] Examiner article: KCPD refuse to remove homicidal teen from the home.

This particular family lives in Missouri.

But there are similar families facing similar challenges throughout Florida.

Depending upon Son’s precise conduct and history, Florida law provides at least two different mechanisms for immediate intervention in crises such as this:

  • Baker Act-ing (seventy-two hour commitment for psychological evaluation) and

  • Arrest on domestic battery by a juvenile

In Florida, law enforcement officers should be familiar with both processes and, in appropriate cases, should be prepared to assist a parent with whichever measure is most appropriate in the case at hand.

In the event that law enforcement officers will not intercede in the immediate family crisis or in the event that family assistance is needed beyond the immediate crisis, a family law attorney with additional experience in juvenile law and, ideally, further experience in mental health law and/or substance abuse law, should be consulted as soon as possible.

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Ohio Mother Jailed (With Bail Set at One Million Dollars) for Verbal Telephoned Threats Made Against Agents of the Court System

Ohio Mother has ten month old Baby.

Mother is apparently unhappy with her child support.

While at her home with Baby, Mother telephones the child support enforcement agency and, angry over the response, allegedly makes a verbal threat to go to their office and murder her child support case worker, social workers and the magistrate presiding over her child support case.

A different person, who had previously threatened violence in connection with his unrelated child support case, recently made good on his threats, killing a woman and then taking his own life.

So the agency takes Mother’s threat seriously and contacts law enforcement.

Police go to Mother’s home to arrest her.

Once at the scene, the officers note that Mother’s home has considerable illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, weapons, and alcohol on the premises, but little baby formula. The home also has the odor of recently smoked marijuana.

Mother is charged with three counts of aggravated menacing, child endangerment and drug possession, and jailed. With bail set at $1 million.

Baby is placed in the care of his grandmother.

The recent murder and the fact that the telephoned verbal threats were made against agents of the courts may have played a role in what may not be typical handling of similar cases.

Read more in this [Charleston, WV] State Journal article: Woman Allegedly Threatens to Kill Social Workers, Magistrate Over Child Support Arrangements.

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Save Your Marriage With … Separate Bedrooms

Some Indians claim to know the key to a successful, enduring marriage and diminished divorce rates: separate bedrooms for husbands and wives.

They believe that husbands and wives need their own spaces, literally and figuratively.

Especially closets and bathrooms.

But, ideally, a whole separate bedroom.

Particularly as the couple ages.

The separate living spaces don’t have to be distant though.

Adjacent bedrooms with a connecting door reportedly can work fine.

Proponents of separate bedrooms to strengthen marriages draw support from the cliche: absence makes the heart grow fonder.

And their premise has been imported into the US.

According to a recent survey of US home builders, sixty percent of custom-built homes in the US will have two master bedrooms by the year 2015.

Read more in this Times of India article: Living apart together

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In Colonial Days, Divorce Took an Act of Congress … And More

Wife leaves her husband in Georgia.

Wife moves in with her Boyfriend. Twelve years later, Wife and her Boyfriend move to Florida.

Wife, wanting an official divorce from her husband, applies to the legislature to grant her one. The Florida legislature grants Wife a divorce.

Wife then marries her Boyfriend. Years later, Boyfriend dies.

Boyfriend’s will leaves Wife an inheritance … an unsatisfactory inheritance.

Wife elects to reject her inheritance under Boyfriend’s will and to instead take a statutory inheritance, called dower: one-third of Husband’s lands and one-half of his property. Electing dower is irreversible and gives up any claim under a will.

Boyfriend’s Executor rejects Wife’s dower election, on the ground that Wife and Boyfriend were never legally married.

The dispute escalates to the Florida Supreme Court. Which agrees with Executor that Wife and Boyfriend were never legally married. Wife’s divorce from her first husband violates due process because he had no notice or opportunity to appear to assert his interests.

And because Wife’s first marriage was not legally terminated, Boyfriend’s and Wife’s marriage was never valid. Therefore, Wife has no legal right to dower.

Ironically, if Wife had not elected dower, she would have been entitled to keep her inheritance under Boyfriend’s will.

Although dower is no longer around, it has been succeeded by a similar legal mechanism for rejecting an unsatisfactory inheritance under a will and instead electing to take a larger statutory share.

Read more in this Tampa Tribune article: Divorce court files hold intriguing stories.

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No Retainer? No Worries. Borrow It From a Divorce Funding Company

Lenders bankrolling court cases and keeping litigants afloat until final judgment – and collection – are nothing new really. In civil court.

But in divorce court and family court, they’re breaking new ground. Although they make perfect sense and there’s a huge need.

Millions of dollars in assets and / or revenues in businesses controlled by one spouse all too often allegedly disappear or shrink as soon as one of the couple wants a divorce.

Garnering the proof to support a truly equitable distribution of marital property can require considerable expertise and time from attorneys, accountants and investigators. And that costs money.

Money that one of the couple often does not have access to when needed. Enter private funding of contentious, high-stakes divorce cases for profit.

It’s a high risk business, but the rewards can be high too. Many charge a contingency fee (a percentage of the recovery) rather than interest.

Read more in this New York Times article: Taking Sides in a Divorce, Chasing Profit.

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Wife Holds a Protest at Husband’s Business When Husband Scales Back Support for Her and Their Children

Scottish Husband and Wife have been married for about fifteen years. They have three Children together.

Husband and Wife have been separated for about two years.

Husband owns an oil company, and has been paying Wife a previously agreed upon amount of support.

Until Husband unilaterally cuts back on his payment, without notice to Wife, while he is away on business in the middle east.

Frustrated, Wife drives to Husband’s company’s business location, obstructs the entrance, and, wielding a loudspeaker, carries on a protest, with the intention of obtaining additional funds from Husband’s accountant.

Wife intends to repeat her protest until she get satisfaction.

Husband was fined by law enforcement authorities earlier in the year for e-mailing Wife abusive messages.

Read more in this Aberdeen [Scotland] Press and Journal article: Divorce wife ‘driven’ to protest at company.

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Girl Allegedly Abducted to China By Mother Returned to Custodial Father in Canada After Two Years

Mother and Canadian Father have pre-school Daughter together.

Mother and Father separate.

Father is awarded primary custody of Daughter.

Mother allegedly abducts Daughter two years ago, to China.

China is not a party to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

Father seeks assistance from the Canadian police. Eventually, Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs, Interpol and the Missing Children Society of Canada become involved.

And now, two years later, Daughter is back in Canada as a result of lengthy diplomatic negotiations.

Daughter is now of school age.

Mother will be appearing before a judge to answer for her actions.

Read more in this Calgary [Canada] Herald article: Girl, dad reunite 2 years after mom took her to China and this Morningstar MarketWire article: Missing Children Society of Canada: Calgary Girl Reunited With Father, Ending 2 Year Abduction Ordeal.

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Beware of Promises of Stimulus Money if You Owe Back Child Support

In Louisiana, letters are sent to parents who are behind on their child support obligations … inviting them to come down and collect their economic stimulus money.

But when the deadbeat parents show up, there is no stimulus money. And law enforcement authorities handcuff them, confiscate their car keys and lock them up.

And vow to keep them in jail until their debts are paid off.

Of course, as word gets out, this strategy may not be so effective anymore.

Read more in this New Orleans WVUE Fox 8 TV article: Dads who neglected child support are arrested.

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Jailed Father Seeks Seeks Visitation and Timesharing with Child, for Himself and His Family

Mother and Father have twenty-one month old Baby together.

Mother and Father break up.

Baby lives with Mother.

Mother and Father are competing for custody of Baby.

Suspect breaks into Mother’s parents home and kills Mother’s parents and one of Mother’s brothers.

Mother manages to hide and then escape.

Suspect claims Father hired him to murder Mother so that Father could win custody of Baby.

Father is arrested and confined without bail until trial.

Family court judge orders that Father and his family have no contact with Baby.

Father now seeks to modify that order to allow visitation and timesharing with Baby for himself and for his family.

Mother’s family oppose Father’s family having timesharing and visitation with Baby.

Father does not appear to have been present at the scene of the murders.

The family court will hold a hearing on Father’s request for visitation and timesharing.

Read more in this Chicago Tribune article: Grandparents of Darien slaying suspect seek access to baby

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