Non-Custodial Parent Vents Over Being Jailed for Non-Support

“I find the child support agency is totally unfair and biased against non-custodial parents”.

Another deadbeat dad making excuses?

No. A non-custodial mom. In jail. For non-payment of child support.

“Meanwhile, this state has treated me no better than a person who’s committed murder“.

Her daughter suffers from disabilities that reportedly demand her mother’s time and prevent her from working.

This mother complains only that the child support enforcement system in her community is unfair to non-custodial parents.

One can’t help but wonder whether all non-paying, non-custodial parents in that community are treated equally, the way this mother is being treated.

Or whether all non-paying parents’ justifications and/or excuses (or lack of same) are weighed on a case by case basis, according to the particular facts at hand.

Read more in this Richmond [IN] Palladium article: Child-support system hurts child, mother.

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Maine Domestic Violence Cases Postponed Over National Domestic Violence Month Display at Courthouse

Two domestic violence cases in Maine have been postponed for four months.

Because prospective jurors were among the passersby exposed to educational materials on display outside the courthouse in conjunction with National Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Apparently, anti-domestic violence messages may be viewed as controversial in the state of Maine.

And may be deemed prejudicial to the administration of justice in the state of Maine.

Womancare, the local Maine nonprofit serving victims of domestic violence, must really have its work cut out for it, even more than some of their counterparts in other states.

Read more in this Bangor Daily News article: Domestic violence cases postponed.

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Special Twists in Military Divorce

If you think divorce rates are high among the general population, they’re nothing compared to divorce rates for members of the armed forces.

Divorces among army officers rose a whopping 78% between 2003 and 2005.

And divorce among enlisted personnel has risen 53% since 2000.

Military personnel and their spouses going through divorces should keep several special issues in mind related to:

  1. Jurisdiction
  2. Pensions
  3. Survivor Benefits and
  4. the 10 Year Rule

Read more in this article on the special considerations in military divorces.

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MO: Termination of Parental Rights Requires Dotting I’s and Crossing Ts

According to reports, an arguably overzealous child welfare agency in Missouri, with an inexperienced social worker running the case, conducted a formal home study before starting a termination of parental rights case by filing a petition with the court.

The applicable Missouri statute reportedly states clearly that the home study should be conducted and filed after the filing of the petition.

At trial, the court deferred ruling on various motions, including a motion on whether to recognize the home study as evidence in the case – until after the Court reached a decision on the merits of the case.

The presiding judge apparently adopted an “ends justifies the means” approach.

But that approach runs counter to the rule of law, rather than men philosophy that underpins our legal system.

The intermediate level appellate court rejected the trial judge’s ruling, but transferred the case to Missouri’s highest court. Quoting from another opinion, the Court stated:

Severance of the parent-child relationship by act of law is an exercise of awesome power and demands strict and literal compliance with the statutory authority from which it is derived.

Read the opinion in In the Interest of: C.W. at the Missouri courts website.

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Parental Alienation Syndrome: Fact or Fiction?

Parental alienation syndrome.

There is a surprisingly, even alarmingly, wide and sharp divergence of opinion about the validity of this so-called syndrome, one which is not presently recognized by any reputable national association of psychiatrists or psychologists.

Yet it has become an almost-trendy catchphrase, increasingly bandied about in child custody cases.

Sometimes, virtually determining the outcome of such cases.

Too often, brandished all too successfully by none other than … abusers of children.

Sometimes, all but stripping the non-abusive, protective parent of any contact with the children – or restricting the the non-abusive, protective parent to supervised contact.

In other words, sentencing the children to almost continuous control and abuse by the falsely accusing parent. And punishing the non-abusive parent for trying to protect the children.

Usually based on uncorroborated allegations.

Read more about this disturbing development in Junk science or truth? ‘Parental alienation syndrome’ increasingly cited in child custody fights.

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