He Gets the China, She Gets the Flatware, But Who Gets the Frozen Embryos?

I previously posted on What Happens to Divorcing Couple’s Frozen Embryos May Turn on Fertility Clinic’s Waiting Room Consent Form .

Now a California family court trial judge has heard the case and ruled. And the divorcing couple’s frozen embryos will be destroyed.

Ultimately, the divorce court honored the agreement that each of the spouses signed with the fertility clinic, and followed where that led. And declined to place the Husband in the position of first becoming an unwilling father with his ex upon or after their divorce.

The family court may have attributed a greater degree of comprehension and accountability to the Wife as a medical doctor with professional experience of fertility clinics. But the divorce court’s ruling is consistent with much of the emerging case law in this arena.

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Is Your House in Order?

People know when they are unhappy. They don’t usually need anyone else to tell them they want a divorce … right now.

But people don’t often feel the same sense of conviction or urgency about many other things, such as executing their will, executing that designation of beneficiary on their insurance policy, etc.

They are busy. They procrastinate. What’s the big hurry anyway?

Truthfully, there may not be one. But do you really want to take that chance?

Forty year old Illinois Woman is in love and all is right with her world, including her minor Son and adult Daughter.

She is about to get married. She undoubtedly is not thinking of all the bad things that could happen at any time, but probably won’t.

Her beautiful wedding ceremony comes off without a hitch. Time to celebrate.

Woman and her groom drive off on his motorcycle to their wedding reception.

A deer comes at them and their motorcycle crashes. Woman is thrown off the motorcycle … and dies a short while later.

You just never know.

Do you really want to wait any longer?

Is your house in order?

If not, isn’t it time to finally get it in order?

To make sure your final wishes for yourself are known and carried out?

To make sure your loved ones are taken care of as you wanted?

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Mother Arrested For Leaving Two Young Children in Mall Food Court

Texas Mother has two Children, ages two and six years old.

Mother drives to Shopping Mall with Children to go on a job interview.

Mother takes Children to mall food court and feeds them lunch.

Then Mother heads to her job interview … leaving Children alone in the mall food court.

After Mother’s job interview, she returns to food court.

Police meet her there and arrest her for abandonment of Children.

The criminal charges against Mother are eventually dropped by law enforcement.

Children apparently are not removed from Mother’s custody by a child welfare agency.

It is unclear whether Children’s father is in the picture at all.

Even though the powers that be ultimately gave Mother a pass, an involved Father in a custody dispute with Mother surely could have had a field day with this incident.

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Donated Eggs: Big Payoff for Would-Be Parents and Big Payday for Egg Donors

Women who are not fertile when they are ready to become mothers may resort to donated eggs.

But not just any eggs. They are not all created equally.

Some egg donors boast a better pedigree than others, at least in the eyes of some prospective mothers.

And some of those mothers will pay a hefty premium to acquire those eggs over others.

How much? Tens of thousands dollars in some cases. One agency reports payment of as much as $50,000 and even $100,000 for eggs from a highly attractive and intelligent egg donor.

Some, including the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, are critical of what seems to tread perilously close to an auction to the highest bidder.

Others feel that the free market should control this like any other “transaction” people engage in.

Egg donors are mindful of the risks and inconvenience they incur in donating their eggs, including hormone treatments, and the time commitment required.

Some of them resent the disparity in pay and the lack of transparency. In an effort to fix some of these perceived problems, they are suing the organizations of clinics, as a class, claiming illegal price-fixing.

And at least one donor attributes her advanced cancer diagnosis to over-donating – out of ignorance allegedly resulting from nondisclosures by the clinics.

Would-be mothers often have lots of criteria once they decide to use donated eggs. Everything from anticipated resemblance to themselves, to good health, to intelligence, aesthetics, etc.


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  3. this New York Post article: ‘Being an egg donor gave me terminal cancer’ .

Think Florida Divorce Costs? The Tab for the Right to Marry is Likely $1 Million

While so many people are preoccupied with getting a divorce and the costs associated with that, a whole lot of other folks battled long and hard for the right to marry. And so did their family law attorneys.

Two Jacksonville, Florida law firms were at it since February of 2014. Through trial and appeal in federal court here in Florida, on behalf of one gay couple living in northern Florida.

The co-counsels’ joint efforts ultimately prevailed in overcoming Florida’s ban on gay marriage. And for their labors, they are asking the Florida federal court to award their legal team over $457,000.

And they didn’t fight the fight alone. A second legal team downstate was also very active in the fight, on behalf of a gay man in here Palm Beach County.

The South Florida legal team, consisting of a private law firm and the American Civil Liberties Union, has not pursued its fees yet. While it is just conjecture at this point, it is probably not unreasonable to speculate that their legal work will tote up relatively similarly.

Not unpredictably, Florida’s state government is opposing.

So far, the various states’ collective legal fees to secure gay marriage rights top $10 million. And the numbers will only climb as additional law firm claims are advanced.

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